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Soften the Sorrow with our
variety of funeral flowers.

Send condolences or mourn for someone you’ve
lost with our range of funeral flowers.

Top of the Coffin Arrangement

Words alone aren’t enough to express your sorrow, our coffin arrangement may make a powerful statement.

Wreath Flowers Arrangement

At a time of death, wreaths are ideal for sending feelings of warmth and love. Flowers may express unexplained feelings.

Full Funeral Arrangement

When we experience the death of someone we love, a full funeral arrangement service fills several important needs.

Other Funeral Services

Other services that we may give are as follows: Lights, Sound system, Projector, and Flowers arrangement retouch after 3 days.

About Glorious Flower Shop in Davao City
We Produce Funeral Decorations
Designed By Keith John Estrella

The most important choice you can make is to place your entire funeral arrangement order with Glorious Flower Shop in Davao City. We have been in the floral business for almost five years. Mr. Keith John Estrella creates funeral decorations using both fresh and imported funeral flowers in Davao City. Our group is mainly composed of devoted florists with diverse expertise and experience creating a work of art out of your funeral flower arrangement.

Flowers have always been a common approach to convey compassion, love, condolences, and respect, particularly after the passing of a loved one. Sending Imported Funeral Flowers is vital to maintaining ties together through difficult emotional moments. In a nutshell, people need to know that they are not alone in their struggles, and the departed deserve the respect that flowers could provide. Glorious Flower Shop in Davao City is a good place to look for affordable funeral flowers in Davao. Wreath Flowers Arrangement Davao, Full Funeral Arrangement Davao, Top of the Coffin Arrangement, and other services we provide. We promise to provide only the freshest and most beautiful funeral flower arrangements in Davao.

Why Choose Us

We’re The Best and Affordable Funeral Arrangements In Davao

  • Delivery On Time
    We maintain positive connections with our customer, ensuring delivery reliability and making every effort to deliver on time.
  • Satisfied Clients
    For the satisfaction of our customers, we provide the best and fresh funeral flowers possible.
  • Fresh Flowers Always
    Flowers are are gestures of respect for the deceased. Therefore, we pledged to always offer fresh funeral flowers.
  • Accept Rush Orders
    For any funeral flower arrangement service, we accept rush orders.
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